Art Therapy Project

I have been facilitating an art therapy class at a local woman’s drug rehab center for over 2 years. I can’t express how fulfilling this interaction is, to be even a small part of their recovery is life changing.

I want to share this experience with fellow artists – the gifts we have been given in our patience filled skills and design approach are meant to be shared and expressed! This is why I structured a Non Profit to support just that.

Art Takes a village will bring together those who want to support the interaction on all levels. Any class or item purchased through Art Takes a Village will monetarily support the classes taught at the shelters, this means 100% of the profit made goes into the program.

Our goal its to bring the joy of mixed Media and papercrafts to those who need to reconnect with the inner artist free of charge and your support will provide just that!

Student Spotlight

Art Takes A Village
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